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Hearing Procedure

The Council on Industrial Relations wants all parties given ample opportunity to present the facts and evidence in support of their individual positions. However, the Council recommends that presentations be concise and to the point.



Upon arriving at the location where the Council is in session, ALL DISPUTANTS must check in with the Secretary of the Council.
At the time of check-in, ALL DISPUTANTS who intend to present additional written evidence in support of their case must turn in 22 copies of this additional material to the Secretary. This additional material will not be distributed at the hearing unless the distribution is consented to by the other party. A copy of the material must be given to the other party.






In order to further conserve your time as well as that of the Council, and still allow you to make the most effective presentation for the parties you represent, it is necessary for the Disputants to observe the following rules. The oral presentation is divided into three parts and separate rules apply to each division.
Under this part you will be given an opportunity to present additional facts and figures, not contained in your brief, but still in support of the issues before the Council. Do not read your brief—every Panel Member has a copy. Do not attempt to rebut statements made by your adversary at this time, you will have this opportunity later. Be specific— the Council wants to know why you want certain actions taken on the issues in contention.
Under this division of the hearing you are given an opportunity to dispute the oral statements made by your adversary, and also dispute the positions taken in their briefs. Don’t jump all over the lot. First, tell the Council where you differ with his or her oral argument and why; then tell the Council where you differ with the position he or she has taken in their brief and why. Repeat this explanation for each issue you are rebutting. But remember—it is not permissible to add additional arguments or evidence at this time. You had your chance to do that under oral arguments above. This is your last chance to dispute the position taken by the other side, but don’t repeat yourself.
At this time questions will be asked of both parties by members of the Council. Keep your answers brief and to the point. The Council desires to be fair to all parties who appear before it. However, in view of the volume of business the Council has to transact, it is mandatory that the above rules be observed by all parties having cases before the Council.


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